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Darbotz (b. Indonesia, 1981)

Indonesian street artist Darbotz (b. 1981) begun his ‘career’ in the mid 1990’s in a school gang when he graffitied walls, buses and even enemy school areas. Today he is the most celebrated and internationally known street artist in Indonesia, famous for his alter-ego Cumi-Kong, a black and white patterned squid, which can be seen all over the city. 

Jakarta has been an inspiration for Darbotz in many ways: he likens the city to his squid character -   which takes the form of a sphere with menacingly sharp, teeth-like tentacles - a visualization of the good, bad and ugly sides of chaotic city life. Other inspirations include hip-hop culture as represented by Wu Tang Clan, NWA and A tribe Called Quest.

As one of Indonesia’s most famous graffiti artists, Darbotz takes after UK-based street artist and political activist Banksy, as he prefers to remain anonymous. When appearing at public events or featured in photographs, Darbotz usually covers his face with his hands, making it impossible for anyone to identify him. He explains “A few reasons but mainly because I’d rather people see my work than my face. It’s fun to make people curious! As my work is highly recognizable, people recognize the art – they don’t need to be distracted by me.” 

Concreate Rider #1

Deadboy Goes At Night

Concreate Rider #2

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