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The Year 2001 - Ms. Hyung-Joo Kim


The 2001 calendar series features Ms. Hyung-Joo Kim's artwork and much critical acclaim has followed the innovative works of this female Korean-born fiber specialist. Ms. Kim's art forms have been described as a revival of beauty and comfort and as having an outstanding degree of perfection.

Born in Masan City, Korea, Ms. Kim earned degrees from the College of Fine Arts at Hong-Ik University (B.F.A.) and from industrial Art Graduate School of Hong-Ik University (M.F.A.). Ms. Kim also completed additional studies at the Penang Batik Institute in Malaysia.

Central to the works of Ms. Kim is her vision as an artist, whom she believes should possess serious human endeavor that requires sincerity, purity, and freedom from pre-conceived ideas or sentiments. Recently, ms. Kim's art has focused on the revival of Koreans Costumes, and she approaches her subject in multiple media: on canvas, she moves between using paint, crayon, and watercolors; on traditional Korean hanji paper she creates bas-relief sculptures, and in fabric, she produces elegant and outrageous art. The common theme running through all her work is an extraction and elevation of classic elements from traditional Korean costumes.

Ms. Kim's works have been showcased in numerous private and public exhibitions in Korea, the United States, and Germany, and her forms and styles have garnered numerous accolades and awards.

Ms. Kim has served on the faculties of Bukyung National University, Daeyu Industrial Professional College, and Changwon National University. She currently resides in Kyungki-Do, Korea.

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