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The Year 2011 - Ugo Untoro, Ayu Arista Murti, Bambang Pramudiyanto

b_52_Wayang Kertas
b_52_Three Seasons
b_52_The Loser
b_10_Water Garden Small
b_10_Human vs Nature 1
b_10_Human vs Nature 2
b_10_Extraordinary People 2 (Fever on Tropis)
b_10_Three Brothers and Dragonfly
b_10_Diantara Bunga Menguning dan Si Merah
b_65_Bad Day
b_65_Jerapah Jerawat
b_65_My Brown Shoes
b_65_Mencoba Menjadi Napoleon
b_65_Learn to Sleep
b_65_Number 01

The artworks featured in the 2011 calendar series was the brainchild of three artists, Untoro, Arista and Murti. 


Ugo Untoro (B. Purbalingga, Central Java, Indonesia, 1970)

Ugo's work is usually described as 'raw', 'unpretentious' and 'messy'. The theme of his work is a reflection of his street background. Ugo tends to invoke the audiences' attention by painting a distorted form of reality that is usually void of distractions and place emphasis on space, with the intent of capturing the audience's senses. Indonesia curator Enin Supriyanto describes him as a 'mbelink' (a Javanese word for stubborn) artist as Ugo constantly pushes the definition of creativity in his works.

Ayu Arista Murti (B. Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, 1979)

There is an uplifting fantasy quality to Ayu's pieces. Taking the audience to a realm similar to that of a child's imaginarium, Ayu's work exudes the optimism and curiosity nature of children. The undulating organic figures in her paintings are usually in earthy colors, blending seamlessly with dreamlike landscapes in the background. Through these simple yet fascinating images, Ayu tries to convince her viewers that human beings can live harmoniously with nature. 

Bambang Pramudiyanto (B. Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia, 1965)

Bambang's works are always unique and dynamic as he tries to give new meaning to old values in the modern era. He juxtaposes contrasting colors, motifs and symbols, but joins them with solid clean lines that bring unity to the art piece, giving it to a main subject that invokes the viewer's attention. His works feature colorful compositions, which are pleasing to the eyes, but at the same time can be enjoyed on a separate plane as one unlocks its symbolism. 

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