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The Year 2007 - Dipo Andy

b_20_Mirror no 12  After Warhol
b_20_Mirror no 8  After Da Vinci
b_20_Mirror no 1  After Picasso
b_20_Mirror no 15  After Raphael
b_20_Mirror no 3  After Manet
b_20_Mirror no 6  After Rodin

Dipo Andy is a young Indonesian artist and a leader in the current neo-pop art movement. Born in Sumbawa in 1975, Dipo graduated from Indonesia's top art academy, the Institute of Art (ISI) in 1999 in Yogyakarta, where he currently resides and paints.

Dipo claims strong influence from Andy Warhol's idealism and is said to live by his dictum 'Maybe art exists, but I do not believe in it.' Dipo has a persistent desire to view subjects from different angles and constantly explores many approaches to similar themes. His works in the 'Mirror series' displayed in this webpage are Dipo's latest experiment with the representation of traditional art masterpieces across the ages.

In his 'Mirror series', Dipo's appropriation of iconic images extracted from masterpieces is not intended as a parody. He is presenting the works of masters through the prism of his own reactions and emotions, using geometrical structural tools borrowed from graphic design. 


His strategy also involves a combination of artistic sensitivity and public sensibility, which he believes has changed over the years due to the proliferation through the mass media of contemporary culture. In these works there are hidden messages from his personal beliefs based upon his perception and his implicit critisism of contemporary art itself. Dipo's impact is strengthened by strong visual images presented in attractive compositions of geometric shapes and shading by playing distinctively with linear and color distortion.

Dipo's works have earned him numerous awards and accolades, including the Top 5 Winner of the Indonesia Art Award in 1999 and finalist in the Philip Morris Indonesian Art Awards. He has held several solo and group exhibitions in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and internationally in Bangladesh and Malaysia.

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