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The year 2014 - Safaruddin Bin Abdul Hamid

the substation
Supreme Court-001
raffles hotel
st james
old ford factory
Capitol Pink
Dyn_peranakan museum

The artworks featured in the 2014 calendar series was the brainchild of Dyn. 


A Singaporean-born artist, Dyn creates his artworks out of thoughtful retrospectives of places and objects from Singapore's past to present. Being the sentimentalist he is, Dyn is known to create subtle Pop icons from a nostalgic perspective, where his architectural portrait seeks to portray a theme synonymous with an ever-evolving landscape of a city.

His design is based on minimalism, to which the artist intentionally leaves out details for viewers to fill in with their own - memories and imaginations. Dominic Wong of The Straits Times explains that 'Dyn uses objects of nostalgia in his exhibition and lets viewers reconnect with their past.' comments that 'the crisp, certain edges of these buildings assure us that they are still, after all these years, clear and present in our minds and continue to contribute to the urban landscape of Singapore. His works ooze a sad nostalgia under pastel-toned make-up; strangely vacant spaces convey a sense of loss and melancholy.'

According to Dyn, 'By displacing personally chosen objects onto the canvas, I hope it would be able to evoke a certain reaction of a sense of nostalgia or longing for something that is hard to find in the present time. The objects on the canvas are isolated and painted in a way so as to bring across the idea of displacement. When a sense of longing comes about, it lets the viewer recall the memories they had with the objects being markers. I want to show people the importance of the history and background. My works are a portrayal of my longing for the past. In my past works, I used photographs of my past as references for my paintings. I couldn't seem to remember my past, and photographs helped me bring back past memories. Photographs captured time that I had lost.'

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