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The Year 2012 - :PHUNK

b_88_Creatures of Eccentricity 2 (Day)
b_88_Creatures of Eccentricity 1 (Day)
b_88_Army of Love
b_88_Day Dreamer Triptych 1

:Phunk, a contemporary art and design collective comprising of four Singaporean artists-designers: Alvin Tan, Melvin Chee, Jackson Tan and William Chan. The quartet has been working together as :Phunk ever since 1994, during their school days at LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore. :Phunk began exhibiting solo in New York in 2003 and has, in eight short years, had solo exhibitions in Singapore, Sydney, Valencia, Berlin, Ecuador, Taipei, Paris, Seoul, Beijing, Barcelona and Tokyo. 

:Phunk constantly challenges the conventional notion and definition of 'artist' and 'commercial design studio' by mixing neo pop art ideology with post-modernist design sensibilities. They move freely between fine art and popular culture and their scope of projects spans across art, design, publishing, fashion, music, film and interactive media, collaborating with international brands such as Nike, Nokia, MTV, Daimler Chrysler, Comme Des Garcon, Levis, Tiger Beer, Salem, Herman Miller and OCBC Bank.

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