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The Year 2002 - Sorayuth Duangjai


Sorayuth Duangjai was born in Bangkok, Thailand on October 6, 1973. He received his bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Silpakorn University, Thailand's premier art university and is currently pursuing his Master degree in Thai Art.

Sorayuth is an emerging artist whose quest is to create works that give life to the Buddhist doctrines. He finds inspiration from the greatness of the past, which he considers as slowly being forgotten in the present turbulent society. Through his works, Sorayuth seeks to bare the quintessence of the ordinariness of human beings who live in this world of love, greed, anger, and infatuation and to remind us that the truth is beyond all the worldly things that unnecessarily preoccupy our life.

Sorayuth began showcasing his artwork at the age of 22 and has since then been receiving numerous accolades from leading Thai artists and critics. His works have been showcased in several groups and solo exhibitions at the Hemlock Gallery, Bangkok Gallery, and the National Art Museum. His works are considered priceless by a considerable number of private collectors and are well known to Thai corporate curators.


The remains of cultures, beliefs, and myths of ancient times inspired me and my art. What is hidden in the paintings and literature is not only charming and fascinating but very well portrays the nature of mankind.My works of art are a combined representation of my experiences and creative imagination, which emanate from my culture and heritage.

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