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Lee, Man-Fong (b. Canton, China, 1913 - Singapore, 1988) 

In 1916, his family moved from Canton to Singapore. He began his studies of painting in Singapore, and in 1932 he moved to Jakarta where he started an advertising agency and worked as a commercial artist. In 1941 he had a solo exhibition in Jakarta. 

Lee was granted to study in Holland for three years in 1949. He closely studied Rembrandt especially the Rembrandt's lighting effect. Upon his return to Indonesia, his works began to be recognized by President Soekarno. Lee soon became one of the President's favorite artist and was actively supported.

In 1955 he founded the Yin Hua artists association, and served as chairman. In 1964 together with Lim Wasim he compiled a 5-volume edition of the Soekarno Collection in which many of his own works are featured.

Seated lady

Perempuan membawa Bakul

Portrait of a Boy

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