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Hamid Safaruddin (b. Singapore, 1977)

Dyn is a Singapore-born and bred artist with a strong sense of time and place, whose thoughtful retrospectives of places and objects from Singapore's past create subtle Pop icons from a nostalgic perspective: his architectural portraits seek to create permanence in a city that does not cease changing. 

The artist chronicles Singapore's architectural landscape by depicting familiar public buildings and employing Pop Art style with a bright color palette, but ironically, using a flat composition, void of human presence. Dyn seeks inspiration in old photo albums from his youth, recalling visits to urban monuments through pictures and not necessarily through memories. He revisits these same locales, many of which still stand unchanged much as they did 50 or 100 years ago, while around them, modern buildings have transformed virtually every neighborhood. In a city that is moving very fast, Dyn connects history, place, time and community and makes them stand still.

St. James Power Station

Istana Kampong Glam

Raffles Hotel

Central Fire Station


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