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PHUNK (Alvin Tan (b. 1974), Melvin Chee (b. 1974), Jackson Tan (b. 1974) and William Chan (b. 1973)) 


For our 2012 calendar, Abacus Art features PHUNK, a contemporary art and design collective comprising of four Singaporean artists-designers: Alvin Tan, Melvin Chee, Jackson Tan and William Chan. The quartet has been working together as PHUNK since 1994, during their school days at La Salle College of the Arts, Singapore. 

PHUNK constantly challenge the conventional notion and definition of the 'artist' and 'commercial design studio' by pushing the boundaries between both, mixing Neo Pop Art ideology with Post-Modernist design sensibilities. 

Between art and design, creativity and commerce, craft and technology, east and west, fantasy and reality, control and chaos, love and hate, friendship and partnership, sound and image. Their cross-disciplinary approach is best described as "an aesthetic collective consciousness" focused on experimenting with new approaches to visual expressions.

Army of Love

Creatures of Eccentricity 1 (Day)

Creatures of Eccentricity 2 (Day)

Day Dreamer Triptych 1

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