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Le Mayeur De Merpres, Adrien-jean (b. Brussels, Belgium, 1880 - 1958) 

Le Mayeur was born from an aristocratic family. His cousin was the King of Belgium. He graduated as a civil engineer majoring in architecture but soon after devoted himself to painting. He started his career by capturing the Belgian landscape especially of the northern part of the country.

In 1932, he arrive in Bali and later married Ni Pollok, a Balinese dancer who became his best-known model. After the World War II he continued to paint and his work found its way to art-collector all around the world including Soekarno (President of the Republic of Indonesia) and Jawahlal Nehru (Prime Minister of India). 

Le Mayeur passed away in 1958. His house and studio in Sanur with all the remaining of his belongings was taken over by the Indonesian government in 1985 following after the death of Ni Pollok. Now his house became the Le Mayeur Museum.

Ni Pollok

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