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Dullah (b. Solo, Indonesia, 1919 - 1996) 


He studied painting with Affandi and Sudjojono. During the late 1940s he documented the Indonesian Revolution and Struggle for Independence through his paintings. In the 1950s he was the official painter for Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno. He was also the first curator of Soekarno's art collection and coordinated the publication of the first edition of the collection catalogue in 1956. He helped establish Himpunan Budaya Surakarta / Surakarta Cultural Foundataion in 1950, and he headed the Sanggar Pejeng artists’ group in Bali. In 1988 he opened the Dullah Museum in Solo, which exhibits modern Indonesian paintings. His work has been shown in exhibitions in Indonesia and abroad, including a solo exhibition in Melbourne, Australia in 1977.

Portrait of an Elderly Lady

Si Kebaya Kuning

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