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Pramudyanto, Bambang (b. Klaten, Indonesia, 1967) 



Known fondly as Benk, Bambang is a talented alumni of Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia (ASRI). His works are regularly exhibited at major art events such as the Yogyakarta Art Festival and Biennales in both Yogyakarta and Jakarta. 

Benk launched his career with a fascination with vehicles; from rusty old cars to shiny new motor vehicles, all had a space in his first solo show entitled Cars. Since then, his works have evolved to develop an iconic style of employing symbolism to convince viewers of a need to deliberate pertinent social and cultural issues. 

Benk's works are always unique and dynamic as he tries to give new meaning to old values in the modern era. He juxtaposes contrasting colors, motifs and symbols, but joins them with solid clean lines that bring unity to the art piece, giving it a main subject that begs the viewers' attention. His works feature colorful compositions, which are pleasing to the eye, but at the same time can be enjoyed on a separate plane as one unlocks the symbolism.


The Loser



Three Seasons

Wayang Kertas

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