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Farhan Siki (b. Indonesia, 1971) 

He has held several solo exhibitions in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali since year 2000. Farhan also participated in group exhibitions such as Sport Mural Painting in Jakarta (2000); Bandung Art Event in Bandung (2001); Unesco Poster for Peace in Jakarta (2002); Mural collaboration with Calrion Alley Mural Project in Yogyakarta (2003); Di sini akan Dibangun Mall in Yogyakarta (2004); Yogyakarta Biennale VIII (2005); Drawings from the Stockroom in Bali (2006). His works earned him The Best of Five winner ITC Mural Competition Surabaya (2005) and The Best 20 Comics from Goethe Institute in Jakarta (2006)

Horizon Cut Here

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