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Ugo Untoro (b. Purbalingga, Indonesia, 1970) 

At first glance one could mistake Ugo for a punk rock star with his black jacket and Mohawk haircut. However, he is one of Indonesia's most renowned emerging artists. Since graduating in 1996, Ugo has been on the radar screen of local art collectors. His works have been exhibited throughout Indonesia and in Shanghai, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 

Ugo's work is raw, unpretentious and messy, a reflection of his street background and the perfect technique to provoke viewers. Ugo paints a distorted reality void of distractions and full of space, thus confronting our senses with a singular strikingly haunting image. Indonesian curator Enin Supriyanto describes him as a mbelink (a Javanese word for stubborn) artist as Ugo constantly pushes the definition of creativity in his works.

Ugo resides in Yogyakarta and established his own art museum in 2003, the Museum dan Tanah Liat, named after his child. Driven by a need to present the finest new art to society, Ugo carefully selects young and emerging artists with fresh ideas, un-contaminated by market trends. 

My Brown Shoes

Learn to Sleep

Jerapah Jerawat


Mencoba Menjadi Napoleon

Bad Day

Number 01

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