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Smit, Arie (b. Zaandam, the Netherland, 1916) 



Adrianus Wilhelmus (Arie) Smit studied at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam before working as a lithographer for the Dutch Colonial Army in the Dutch Indies prior to the Second World War. He later became an art teacher in Bandung, before settling in Bali in 1956 and became an Indonesian citizen. 

Arie captured village activities, rice terrace, palm trees and temples in bright color paintings influenced by impressionistic style.

He is the founder of the School of Young Artists, a group of young Balinese whom he encouraged to paint in a new style. In recognition of his role on the development of painting in Bali, the government of Bali awarded him the Dharma Kusuma award (Society of National Heroes) in 1992.


An Evening at the Temple

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