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Hong, Sek-Chern (b. Singapore, 1967) 

She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore in 1989. She continued her studies at Nanyang Fine Art Academy and graduated in 1995 with Diploma in Fine Art degree. Her studies continued to Goldsmiths College, University of London where she received a scholarship under the Chen Chong Swee Overseas Art Scholarship and graduated in 1998. Six years later she obtained her MA from National University of Singapore.


Sek-Chern has participated in numerous selected group exhibitions in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hanoi, Brazil and London. She received many awards including from UOB Group in 1997, Singapore Telecoms in 1995, Philippe Charriol Foundation in 1996.

On Borrowed Skies II

Serenely Let Us Move

On Borrowed Skies

In Low Orbit


In Flight

Lorong 7 TPY

Ready for Parting

60 Miles Above

Goddards Craft

Enclosed Fairings

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